Diplomat II 9mm

Diplomat-II 9MM pistol suppressor



Length- 8.1 with LID
Weight-9.0 oz. with LID
Construction materials-Aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel
List price-$595.00 with LID

The 9MM Diplomat-II is our latest upgrade to the popular Diplomat series, in 9MM. It is designed for use dry but for increased performance a small amount of water or other non flammable media maybe introduced.


This is a very versatile suppressor that can be supplied with a number of interchangeable mounts for nearly any application.  The standard model is supplied with the LID that assures functioning on virtually any autoloading pistol with a tilting barrel.  LID mounts are interchangeable and are stocked in -28 and M13.5x1 LEFT HAND.  We can also make mounts with almost any custom thread for a nominal extra charge.


We also make fixed end caps for the Dip-II for use on pistols or SMGs with fixed barrels. The caps are made from black oxide coated stainless steel and have spanner holes for easy disassembly. We stock the caps in -28, -32 and -36. Custom threads are also available.


The last mounting option is the Tri-Lock mount for use on HK MP5 style 3 lug barrels. This is a great mount for use with HK P9S pistols as well as 9MM AR-15s. It will take a limited amount of full auto use but if recreational FA shooting is your main use for the suppressor you would be much better served with a can designed specifically for SMG use, like our Nemesis-II.